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10737 North Union Court
Portland, OR 97217

Valhalla Lacrosse Tournament Series brings the highest quality team tournament events to the Pacific Northwest. 

Bracket Seeding

**Please note the below change to our previous years seeding. Given feedback from coaches and directors, the below changes results in more cross pool bracket and consolation games**

Each team will play 3 pool play games counting toward their record. At the conclusion of pool play, each pool will have a 1 seed, 2 seed, 3 seed etc... A division’s pool seeds will be rank ordered with like seeds using the below seeding methodology to create the final division placement and playoff bracket vs consolation game standings.


Across a 2 pool division, all 1 seeds from the pools are seeded (1st vs 2nd) per the seeding methodology below. Then all 2 seeds from the pools are seeded (3th vs 4th). Then all 3 seeds from a pools are seeded (5th vs 6th). Etc. Depending on division size, the top 4, 5, or 6 teams make the playoff bracket. The remaining teams will play a consolation game Sunday.

Tied scores at the end of regulation for pool play games result in each team earning ½ point.

Playoff ties result in sudden death overtime, there is no game clock for overtime as one team must score to end the game.

Scores are uploaded to the Tourney Machine page following each game.

Seeding Methodology

Methodology for Sunday playoff bracket seeding is as follows:

  1. The number of wins vs losses: One point for a win, ½ point for a tie, no points for a loss  

  2. Head to Head

  3. The number of goals allowed

  4. The number of goals scored

  5. Coin Toss

Example: Team A pool play result in 2-8-23 by winning two games, allowing 8 goals, and scoring 23 goals. Team B pool play result in 2-6-14 by winning two games, allowing 6 goals, and scoring 14 goals. Team B is ahead of Team A because they allowed fewer goals.

*In divisions with an uneven number of teams, a team may be asked to play more than 3 pool play games to ensure all division teams meet the minimum requirement of games. The additional game(s) will not count towards that team's record for playoff standing, but will count for the team who needs to meet their third game requirement.