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Valhalla Lacrosse Tournament Series brings the highest quality team tournament events to the Pacific Northwest. 


2019 Valhalla Fall Invitational Updated Tournament Rules Overview

-2019 Fall Invitational Schedule Link-


Fall Tournament Rule Overview

All games will be governed by the appropriate 2019 US Lacrosse Rules guidebook with the following exceptions and clarifications:

Game Clock

Pool play games will be 22 minute running halves, with a 2 minute half time. All teams are allowed a 4 minute on field warm up prior to start of game. Games start every 50 minutes and run off central horn.

Bracket Games will be 22 minute running halves, with a 2 minute half time. 


There are no timeouts during pool play or consolation games. Each team is awarded one timeout per half during playoff games.

Playoff timeouts may be used at any point up till 5 minutes remaining in either half. The game clock runs through the timeout. Penalty time stops during playoff timeouts.

Bracket Seeding

Each team will play 3 pool play games that count toward their record. The top teams from each pool will move on to the playoff bracket. The bottom teams will play one consolation game. The playoff teams will be seeded based off of the points grading rubric outlined in the tournament rules. 

Tied scores at the end of regulation for pool play games result in each team earning ½ point.

Playoff ties result in sudden death overtime, there is no game clock for overtime as one team must score to end the game.

Scores are uploaded to the TourneyMachine page following each game.

Seeding Methodology

Methodology for Sunday playoff bracket seeding is as follows:

  1. The number of wins vs losses: One point for a win, ½ point for a tie, no points for a loss  

  2. Head to Head

  3. The number of goals allowed

  4. The number of goals scored

  5. Coin Toss

Example: Team A pool play result in 2-8-23 by winning two games, allowing 8 goals, and scoring 23 goals. Team B pool play result in 2-6-14 by winning two games, allowing 6 goals, and scoring 14 goals. Team B is ahead of Team A because they allowed fewer goals.


Penalties will begin on the whistle to restart play and will be served time and a half (45 sec for a technical and 90 sec for a personal). Penalties run with the clock and do not stop, with the exception of at halftime or for a timeout called in a playoff game. If penalty time expires during a stoppage in play, the player serving will not release until play restarts. Two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties result in an ejection from that game. If a player or coach is ejected from the game, they must sit out the following game as well.


Poke, lift, and downward checks below both players’ shoulders are the only stick checks allowed at the 2026 level and below! No one handed checks. These will be called for slashing. One handed checks for the 2025 and older are allowed as long as the contact made is on the stick or gloves of opponent and are not started from behind the head.

No take out checks at any level. These will be called very tightly. All checks/hits must be in control. Permissible body contact at the youth level includes legal pushes and defensive positioning. A legal push is defined as "exerting pressure after contact is made and is not a violent blow".


Advancement rules will be enforced in all games for 2026’s and above. The clearing team must advance the ball over the midline 20 seconds after gaining possession of the ball. After advancing the ball over the midline, the clearing team has 10 seconds to advance the ball into the offensive box. No Advancement rules are applicable for 2027/28 Divisions.

Exhibition Games

In divisions with an uneven number of teams, a team may be asked to play more than 3 pool play games to ensure all division teams meet the minimum requirement of games. The additional game(s) will not count towards that team's record for playoff standing, but will count for the team who needs to meet their third game requirement.

If a team has been requested in advance to play a fourth pool play game for the sake of an uneven bracket, the 4th game will not count towards their schedule. 

Other Rules

Players are only allowed to play on one team per event. Exemptions MUST be made with Tournament Directors prior to event start. Any team found with players on multiple rosters will forfeit their playoff seeding and be relegated to the consolation bracket.

Two OLOA or WLOA officials are scheduled per games. All calls are final. No arguments. Disputes can result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The leading team must keep the ball in the box under two minutes (boxline to boxline)

Faceoffs occur following each goal, regardless of score differential.

No horns are allowed for substitutions.


Let the games begin!!!